Equity in Planning Committee

The City of Baltimore’s Department of Planning staff created and convenes an Equity in Planning Committee (EIPC). Launched in March of 2015, EIPC is driven by a desire to actively work towards dismantling and remedying the legacy of racial inequity that persists in Baltimore.  

Below, learn more about our goals and work.

Defining Equity

Our Equity Lens

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Defining Equity:

An equitable Baltimore addresses the needs and aspirations of its diverse population and meaningfully engages residents through inclusive and collaborative processes to expand access to power and resources.

Our Equity Lens

EIPC promotes the use of an “equity lens” for planning. Drawing from the Urban Sustainability Directors Network, the EIPC’s equity lens considers four overarching areas of equity. For any policy or project, decision makers should consider:

  1. Structural Equity: What historic advantages or disadvantages have affected residents in the given community?
  2. Procedural Equity: How are residents who have been historically excluded from planning processes being authentically included in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the proposed policy or project?
  3. Distributional Equity: Does the distribution of civic resources and investment explicitly account for potential racially disparate outcomes?
  4. Transgenerational Equity: Does the policy or project result in unfair burdens on future generations?

Our Goals

  1. Improve and increase the dialogue and connections between the Department of Planning and underserved communities in Baltimore.
  2. Ensure that the Planning Department staff reflect the demographics of Baltimore City.
  3. Use an equity lens to develop, revise, and evaluate City policies.
  4. Use an equity lens to prioritize capital investments.
  5. Evaluate the Planning Department’s internal practices and policies.

EIPC in the News

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