Baltimore Planning Academy

Planning Academy

Planning Academy

Baltimore's Planning Academy is a project of Baltimore's Department of Planning. It is a free six-week course focusing on the planning and development process in Baltimore. 

The third session of Planning Academy is currently underway! You are welcome to follow along as we will be posting presentation materials below.

The Academy aims to empower community residents to shape the future of their neighborhoods and of Baltimore by building an understanding of local urban planning and design processes.

What Brought Us Here Today?  What Do We Want to Learn? The following word maps are based on responses of participants during the introduction of the Spring 2019 Planning Academy.

What We Want to LearnWhat Brought Us Here

Fall 2019 Materials and Presentations

Racism in the Structure

Lexington Market Listening Tour

Zoning Introduction


Development Process in Baltimore

Older Presentations

Zoning - Part I

Overview and Welcome

History of Inequity

Comprehensive Planning and Neighborhood Planning

Community Catalyst Grant Overview

Zoning Overview

CIP Presentation

BBMR Presentation: Operating Budget Process

Community Land Trusts

Community Assocations Best Practices

TIF Presentation

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