Recreation and Parks and Public Facilities Loan

Bond Issue Question D.

Recreation and Parks and Public Facilities Loan: $45,000,000 (over 2 years)

The Recreation and Parks and Public Facilities Loan would provide up to $45 million over two years to improve public buildings and land, including libraries, parks, municipal buildings, and other City-owned properties. The funds allow for much-needed improvements to neighborhood amenities like parks, recreation centers, and libraries, along with the buildings that allow the city government to operate, such as courthouses, city office buildings, and fire stations. In the past, this type of loan has been used to fund activities through the Department of General Services, the Enoch-Pratt Free Library system, the Convention Center, the Department of Recreation and Parks, and the Department of Public Works.

Project Highlight: C.C. Jackson Recreation Center

C.C. Jackson Recreation Center

The Department of Recreation and Parks recently completely renovated the C.C. Jackson Recreation Center in the Park Heights neighborhood. The new recreation center includes fitness rooms, community space, computer rooms, and an indoor gym. Outdoors, an athletic complex with new football and baseball fields, bleachers, and lighting was developed in partnership with the Ripken Baseball Foundation. The park was also improved with a new playground, parking facility, basketball court, and circulation path. Of the $7.5 million total project cost, the Parks and Public Facilities Loan contributed $2.2 million. This and other city funds allowed the project to leverage state and private foundation grants to complete this exciting renovation.