Signage Code Rewrite

2021 Signage Update

The Department is drafting a set of amendments to Title 17 to be introduced in 2021 which are based on experience and informal user feedback from the 2018 rewrite of Title 17. (Please see below for information on the 2018 effort and user guide for Title 17).  

The new signage regulations took effect in January 2019. This ordinance reflected a complete review and reorganization of Title 17 from the 2016 Zoning Code rewrite that was enacted in June 2017. Since that time, the Department has been evaluating the efficacy of those changes. On November 19, 2020, the Department of Planning hosted a public meeting via WebEx regarding upcoming signage regulation amendments to the Zoning Code. A copy of that Power Point is below. Please check back for updates moving forward.

November 19th Signage Power Point 

City Council Bill #18-0272

The City of Baltimore is in the process of rewriting its signage code.  The rewrite is in response to a 2015 Supreme Court Decision stemming from the Reed v. Town of Gilbert court case.  In addition, the goal is to bring clarity and ease of use to our signage code. 

On August 6, 2018 City Council Bill #18-0272/ Zoning- Sign Regulations was introduced. The proposed legislation is a complete repeal and replace of Title 17 in Article 32, the zoning code for the City.  Also, there are signage related amendments proposed in Article 32.

Below are helpful links and documents that will allow you to participate and follow this legislation as it moves through the City Council process.  Also, if you would like to make comments on the bill prior to a Planning Commission hearing please send comments to


City Council Bill #18-0272 

Live Stream- August 29th Public Information Meeting 


August 29th Public Informational Meeting (PDF download)

September 6, 2018 Planning Commission Hearing (PDF Download)

October 1st Public Informational Meeting #2 (PDF Download)

Planning Commission Staff Reports

September 6, 2018 Planning Commission (PDF Download)


Ordinance 18-216 (Zoning- Sign Regulations)​​​​​​​