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Medfield Heights Elementary School

To participate in the Medfield INSPIRE planning process, contact Eli Pousson: (410) 396-5173 or, or Marie Anderson: (410) 396-3957 or

The Department of Planning (DOP) introduced INSPIRE at the Medfield Heights Elementary School PTO Meeting on Thursday, June 13. DOP staff will be working with members of the schools and stakeholders in the neighborhoods around the schools to better understand their neighborhood experiences, concerns, and priorities.


If you live or work around Medfield Heights Elementary School, please fill out this brief survey to help ensure the plan responds to stakeholder interests.

Find out where the schools are in the 21st Century Schools process here.

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Listen Phase

The “Listen” phase of INSPIRE is focused on gathering information. In addition to working with community members, DOP staff begin to review existing neighborhood plans and history; and collect demographic data.