Zoning Code

The Zoning Code is Article 32 of the City Code.

Zoning regulations determine both the use of land and the layout of buildings developed on parcels of land. Applying zoning regulations is the first step in determining what is allowed to be built on a property.

Explore the Zoning Code

  • The full text of the Zoning Code is available via this link.
  • A summary of each Zoning District is available here.
  • An interactive map is available for viewers to explore Baltimore City's zoning.
  • The Cityview mapping tool allows you to identify zoning for a particular address, and read about the uses for the site.
    • Type Zoning (current) into the box under "Find (what are you looking for)" header on the upper left column.
    • Then, type the address into the box on the top of the map.
    • Click on the red pin that pops up to access information about the address.
    • Clicking the URL link in the box that pops up will give you access to the use table.
      • The use table will outline what types of uses are permitted, conditional, ext for that particular address.
      • Conditional uses may be approved by either the Board of Municipal and Zoning Appeals (BMZA) or the City Council (by ordinance) following a public hearing on the matter.

The image below walks you thru what it looks like to navigate cityview to access zoning information. The Department of Planning office is used as an example.



Additional Resources

Updates to the Zoning Code


The current Code was adopted in December 2016 ,with an effective date of June 2017.  During the adoption process, the Department of Planning proposed having a regular update process for the code moving forward. The goal is to make updates, discovered through application of the code or due to new circumstances not considered in 2016. In June of 2020, the Department of Planning began the most recent review of the Zoning Code.  

Below is a summary of what was discussed most recently:

  • C-2-E Overlay. A new C-2-E overlay to allow for live entertainment. This bill was discussed at public meetings and drafted, but Council did not move it ahead. Updates on this bill as it moves ahead will be posted on this webpage.

  • Parking Requirements. Discussion of parking requirements. Since our June meeting, Councilman Dorsey has introduced his own bill on this topic.  It was City Council Bill #20-0561. This bill did not move forward in the Council session that ended in December 2020.

  • Billboards. On July 27th the City Council introduced an additional zoning Bill regarding billboards on Rail right of way, City Council Bill #20-0570. This bill was heard by the Planning Commission in September 2020, got a negative report, and it did not move forward in the Council Session that ended in December 2020.

  • 2020 General Zoning Updates. We introduced a bill to amend the code based on the issues discussed in June 2020, City Council bill #20-0601. This bill was a clean up of outstanding, relatively minor, issues identified. This bill received a favorable report at Planning Commission, but did not move forward in the Council session that ended in December 2020.

  • Signage. We began to work on needed updates to the signage section of the code, and that work is continuing -- more detailed info will be available via this link.