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Plans in Progress

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Comprehensive Master Plan

In 2006, The Department of Planning developed a new Comprehensive Master Plan for Baltimore City to direct economic growth and quality of life initiatives for the next 10 years.  The Plan looks closely at how Baltimoreans LIVE, EARN, PLAY, and LEARN, and the future progress we can make in each area.

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DHCD Framework for Community Development

Baltimore City Department of Housing and Community Development issued a comprehensive Community Development Framework.  The Framework brings into focus DHCD's overall strategy and plan which articulates key strategic approaches for launching a new era of neighborhood investment

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Policy: The Planning Commission, on January 11, 2018, adopted a policy regarding the recognition of community-led plans. This policy exists to clarify the difference between City-managed plans and Community-managed plans.  For more information on the Neighborhood Plans Policy

Baltimore is a city of neighborhoods, and we have a large number of neighborhood and area plans. Many of these are community-managed as described in the Neighborhood Plans policy above.

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Urban Renewal Plans


An Urban Renewal Plan (URP) is a form of overlay zoning that is more restrictive than the city’s zoning code.  Urban Renewal Plans in Baltimore date back to the late 1960s and regulates specific geographies ranging from small business districts to entire communities. 

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Other Topic Plans

In addition to neighborhood plans, we have many other types of plans, including park master plans, sustainability plans, transportation plans, and other policy documents.

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