Comprehensive Master Plan

LEPLlogo.JPGIn 2006, The Department of Planning developed a new Comprehensive Master Plan for Baltimore City to direct economic growth and quality of life initiatives for the next 10 years. During the late-1990s the "PlanBaltimore" effort concentrated a lot of resources into creating a vision of what Baltimore could be. This new Comprehensive Master Plan will help to realize that vision, aided by lessons learned during recent years and continued community input. This plan is explicitly focused on implementation, articulating the "who", "how", "when" and "how much" as well as the "what" that goes into civic planning.

The Department of Planning used a business plan strategy to lead investment, policy and programming outcomes in the Master Plan. The business plan format relies on gathering market-based insights and making realistic ideas an actuality. The Plan looks closely at how Baltimoreans LIVE, EARN, PLAY, and LEARN, and the future progress we can make in each area. With your help, Baltimore's Comprehensive Master Plan will guide our success in the coming generation.

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