New Dashboard Tool Available for Analysis of Baltimore Census Results

The Department of Planning has developed a dashboard to allow you to view preliminary 2020 census data by Neighborhood Statistical Area.*  For each Neighborhood Statistical Area, the dashboard includes:

  • Total population
  • Black population
  • White population
  • Hispanic or Latino population 
  • Asian population
  • Two or More Races population
  • Mixed Race: Black and White population
  • Occupied Housing Units
  • Vacant Housing

We will provide additional data as it becomes available later this fall.  

An additional dashboard is available with preliminary population estimates by council districtPlease note that population estimates will be updated once the State re-apportions incarcerated individuals to their last known address for redistricting.

This past year, the 2020 Census was completed during the onset of the pandemic. As a result of the pandemic and other factors, such as a shift from paper forms to online forms, we expect that Baltimore's population was undercounted.  

We are excited to report that despite a potential undercount, Baltimore's Hispanic/Latino population shows an increase of 77% from 2010.  The population around our colleges and universities does appear to be significantly lower than 2010 as students went home as a result of the pandemic and/or universities were unable to gather accurate counts.

Despite the challenges related to the 2020 Census, we look forward to sharing more detailed analysis with you over the coming months!

How to use the Dashboards:

You can select a Neighborhood Statistical Area from the drop down in the top right corner and all of the data on the dashboard will update to show information for that Neighborhood Statistical Area.  You can select more than one NSA if you want to see data for a larger area.  If you want to select a different Neighborhood Statistical Area, be sure to click reset before selecting another NSA.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

*Data by census block, aggregated into 2010 Neighborhood Statistical Area Boundary. Results are estimates with up to 1% margin of error.

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