INSPIRE Celebrates 12th Plan; Looks ahead to 2022

The INSPIRE Program celebrates our 12th INSPIRE Plan.  

On November 18, the Planning Commission adopted the Mary E. Rodman Elementary School INSPIRE Plan. The Mary E. Rodman Elementary School #204, located at 3510 W. Mulberry Street in the Allendale Community, was recently renovated through the 21st Century School Buildings Program.

The INSPIRE plan leverages the $27 million investment in the school by working with neighborhood and school community members, city agencies, and other stakeholders to develop recommendations and make additional investments to enhance quality of life. The Department of Planning thanks the many community leaders, residents, area stakeholders, and school staff who contributed to the plan over the past two years.

Of the 32 recommendations in the plan, a notable one that has already been completed is the construction of a new playground at the Mary E. Rodman Recreation Center next door to the school, remedying the lack of a playground in the Allendale community for some 40 years. Read the plan here:

Last month we celebrated not only the adoption of the Mary E. Rodman INSPIRE plan, but with that also the adoption of the 12th plan - the halfway point of all plans to be developed.

While adoption is simply one milestone of each process, it’s one that reflects continuous dedication of a large number of individuals, agencies, and organizations.

Currently, planning processes for 10 more communities are underway. We expect that in 2022 a minimum of two more plans will be adopted and a few recommendation reports (a precursor to each plan) will be released.

Residents can expect to see more sidewalk improvements, crosswalks, and ADA ramps installed, and more street trees planted. We’re are looking forward to the completion or start of community projects including lighting, public art, and community gardens and parks. If you’d like to learn more, or would like to join an INSPIRE process, visit the INSPIRE web site to see where the plans are.

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