Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps

FEMA Preliminary Flood Maps Issued:

Open House Scheduled for April 2.

The FEMA preliminary maps show 200 structures will be placed within the new regulated 100 year floodplain. The 100 year floodplain is generally the highest risk area.

If your business, or residence is in the Special Flood Hazard Area, please attend our FEMA Preliminary Flood Map Open House on April 2, 2019. The open house will occur between 4PM-7PM at the Department of Planning located at 417 E. Fayette Street, 8th floor, Baltimore, MD 21202. Email [email protected] for more details, floodplain development guidelines, or Map Information Services. 

The Department of Planning’s floodplain management staff regulates development based on effective and preliminary FIRMs. You may visit the Department of Planning’s webpage for detailed maps showing changes since the last flood insurance map update. You will also find fact sheets for further detail about the mapping process and flood data.

FEMA has issued new Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps and a Flood Insurance Study of the City of Baltimore! floodimage

The Department of Planning is a repository for all FEMA Map products for the City of Baltimore. These products identify regulatory floodplains and floodways with computed base flood elevations. 

Email [email protected] for upcoming public hearings on new maps, map changes, development guidelines, or Map Information Services.

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