Frequently Asked Questions


Q - What is the zoning for my property?

A - Please visit Baltimore Housing’s Community Development Map (CoDeMap) and enter the address or see the User Guide.

Q - How do I obtain a zoning verification letter for a property?

A - Contact the Zoning Administrator online or at 410-396-4126


Q - What are the sign ordinance regulations for my property?

A - Please visit Title 17 of the Zoning Code online. 

Q - Where can I get a plat for my property?

A - Please visit Baltimore Housing’s Community Development Map (CoDeMap) and enter the address or see the User Guide.

Q- How do I get a blueprint for my property?

A – You can download a Block Plat on this webpage

Q - Can I use my property for multi-family?

A - Please visit Table 8 and 9 of the Zoning Code and review more information about the zoning code on this page.

See Rental Property Licensing and Registration.


Q - How can I acquire a vacant building?

A - Please visit Baltimore Housing’s website for information about vacant building acquisition. 

Q - What is the permit process?

A - Please visit Baltimore Housing’s Permits/e-Permits page. 

Q - How long does it take to obtain a subdivision?

A - It can take 4 to 6 months of total time, depending on the details.  Please schedule a predevelopment meeting with Matt DeSantis ( for more details.

Q - How long does it take to obtain a BMZA variance?

A - A BMZA variance can take up to 2 months or more from the point of filing to receiving the final decision. For more information about the BMZA, please visit

Q - Where do I find information on new developments?

A - Please contact the Comprehensive Planner for your planning district.  

Q – How can I tell if my property is historic?

A – Please visit Cityview and see historic layer by visiting our Cityview tool. 


Q - Where can I find more information about the BMZA process and learn more about zoning?

A - Please visit the Zoning 101 video from Baltimore Planning Academy.

Q - How do I join or view the Community Association Directory?

A - Please visit this website for more information about our new Community Association Directory, including a training video about how to ensure that your group's materials are up to date.


Q - Are there grants available to help with renovating properties?

A – Please visit Baltimore Housing’s grants page.

Q - Are there any grants available for historic properties?

A - Please see Historic Tax Credit FAQ page.

Q - Are there any Community Grants available?

A – Please visit Baltimore Housing’s Community Catalyst Grant page.

 You can also find other Community Grants, primarily for greening, at the links below:

  • Clean Up & Green Up Maryland Grant-Up to $5,000. These grants are awarded to help community groups and nonprofit organizations statewide with neighborhood beautification activities that include litter removal, greening activities, community education, and citizen stewardship statewide.   
  • Chesapeake Bay Trust's Community Engagement Mini-Grant-Up to $5,000   This grant is open to nonprofits and community associations for activities such as tree plantings, rain gardens, stream cleanups, and storm drain stenciling.  Rolling Deadline
  • Mitzvah Fund for Good Deeds provides mini-grants to nonprofit organizations serving Baltimore City to facilitate their good works in neighborhoods and schools. Organizations must have a total budget less than $250,000.  Apply for a project whose budget is no more than $10,000.  Rolling Deadline
  • Home Depot Community Impact Grants provides grants that provide gift cards of their materials of up to $5,000 to nonprofits and tax-exempt agencies (such as municipalities).  Home Depot's focus is primarily on projects for veterans and then communities with a diverse population in underserved communities.  Rolling Deadline
  • Five Star and Urban Watershed Restoration Program Grant-Offered by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, this grant will reopen in the summer of 2020.   Nonprofit organizations and community associations in Baltimore and throughout Maryland have used this funding for large greening  projects.  Deadline: Will reopen in summer of 2020


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