GIS & Mapping

The Planning Department provides GIS-based information and analysis to support planning initiatives, as well as other City Agencies, City agencies, City Council, the Mayor’s Office, community organizations, and the general public. 

Interactive Map Gallery


Other Interactive Resources

CityView – Explore the City’s many GIS data layers in CityView, and determine if a specific address falls within the boundary of a particular district or City program.

CodeMap - Explore citywide housing data, from major developments to vacant building notices.  Turn layers on and off to view only the data of interest.  

OpenBaltimore – Download Baltimore City data, including in GIS format.

Downloadable PDF's

Map and Data Requests

Services Provided

In addition to the above resources, The Planning Department prepares a variety of custom data and maps for interested parties. When submitting a request, either by phone or email, please provide your name, contact info, department/organization name, and a brief description of the map(s) you are seeking.

Please email or call (410) 396-7526 to make a request. Please allow 1-2 weeks for completion of these requests. If you requested a paper map, wait until an employee confirms your map is ready to be picked up before coming in. We do not have maps in stock.

Plotting Prices

While the map creation and data analysis service is free and can be shared electronically at no charge, the Department charges a fee for printing maps out at a large size in order to cover printing costs.

Printing Costs for 3 Ft x 4 Ft maps:

-$50 for color

-$25 for black and white

Other Available Printing Locations:

  • City Print Shop - 410-396-5741 – Only available to City agencies (will mount posters)
  • FedEx Printing - 410-467-2454 (will mount and laminate posters)

Request Options (timing, contact)


  1. Maps are prepared and placed at the front desk with Customer Name, Date, and Map Cost. 
  2. Customer comes to the Planning Department’s front desk and receives a payment slip for their map(s). Customer must arrive between 9 AM-4 PM on days the Planning Office is open.
  3. Customer takes payment slip to cashier’s office on the 1st floor.
  4. Customer brings the pink copy of the form back to our Front Desk and collects map(s).

Payment Types:

Cash/Check/Credit Card

  • There is a 3% convenience fee for using credit cards.
  • Checks are made out to DIRECTOR OF FINANCE.
  • City agencies may be able to use an account number to pay via journal entry.