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The Community Association Directory (CAD) is a comprehensive listing of community associations in Baltimore City, including umbrella organizations, community associations, business associations, and community development corporations. The Directory includes association names, contact information, boundary descriptions, dates of meetings and elections, and citywide, umbrella, and district designations. 

The listings in the CAD are self-reported.  That is, each organization voluntarily lists its boundaries and contact information.  As long as the contact information is valid, and the boundaries make sense, the City allows the group to be listed.  City government is not responsible for verifying or monitoring the information provided by each group.

Community Association or Neighborhood Statistical Area?

Baltimore City creates a map of neighborhoods called “Neighborhood Statistical Areas.”  The boundaries are based on U.S. Census-designated areas and allow the City government to access and provide Census information on a neighborhood level. The Census Bureau requires that every property be shown in one and only one neighborhood designation. The boundaries often match those reported by neighborhood associations.  However, some discrepancies may exist due to Census area boundaries that do not match exactly with self-reported neighborhood association boundaries. These discrepancies are expected when two different systems of designation are used.

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Steps to add or update an organization’s registration

  1. Select the “Update Association” tab
  2. To update an existing association, type the Association’s name in the “Association Name” field. If you want to insert a new association, type the group’s name in the “New Association Name” field.
  3. Fill out the remaining fields completely as possible.  Be sure to fill out all required fields.
  4. Once data fields are as complete as possible, review keyed in data for quality and accuracy purposes.
  5. Once data is confirmed, select the send icon that is located at the top of the form.

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