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The Community Association Directory is a comprehensive listing of community associations in Baltimore City, including citywide non-profits, umbrella organizations, community associations, business associations, and block groups. The Directory includes association names, contact information, boundary descriptions, and citywide, umbrella, and district designations.  To access the Community Association Directory please visit


The directory is now fully available online. The directory has a search function to help citizens find community associations in their area of interest. It also has numerous sort functions to help people find community associations by planning districts, council districts, etc. It also has two export functions. The information can be directly exported to mailing labels and it can also be exported in a spreadsheet format.

Keeping the Directory Current

The Department of Planning is committed to keeping the information provided as current and accurate as possible, but we will need your help. If your community association is not listed here or has new contact information, please follow these 5 easy steps to update your information.


  1. Select the “Update Association” tab
  2. To update an existing association, type the Association’s name in the “Association Name” field. If you want to insert a new association, type the group’s name in the “New Association Name” field.
  3. Fill out the remaining fields completely as possible.  Note: Title, First & Last Name, Address, City & State, Zip, and Phone Number are required fields.
  4. Once data fields are as complete as possible, review keyed in data for quality and accuracy purposes.
  5. Once data is confirmed, select the send icon that is located at the top of the form.