CIP and Equity

The Department of Planning staff convened an Equity in Planning Committee in 2015 to examine the Department’s role in contributing to inequities present in the City and develop recommendations to remedy those wrongs. One of the first recommendations of the committee was to assess the equity of the Baltimore Capital Improvement Program (CIP), the capital budget of the City.

Baltimore Capital Projects Equity Analysis Report

This report, written with the Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance (BNIA), helps us to implement that recommendation. BNIA used CIP data provided by the Department and indicators from its own work to see how capital investments in neighborhoods relate to demographic and other factors in those neighborhoods. The report is provided below.

The Department of Planning will use this methodology as a starting point to inform capital budgeting decisions as part of its annual Capital Improvement Program planning process. While we recognize that there are limitations to the analysis, we expect it to continue to evolve and hope to use this to inform a dialogue around equitable budgeting.

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