FY20-25 Program - Get Involved

Fiscal Years 2020-2025 Capital Improvement Program (Fiscal Year 2020 Capital Budget)

The process to develop the Capital Improvement Program starts with agencies, so one of the best ways to get involved is to engage directly with agencies.  This can take many forms.  Agencies frequently engage the public in planning processes to identify priorities.  Examples of recent agency-led planning processes include the Recreation and Aquatics Plan, Solid Waste Plan, and Bicycle Master Plan.  Agencies also engage stakeholders through plans focused on particular neighborhoods, such as INSPIRE plans and LINCs plans.  In addition to engaging stakeholders through planning processes, agencies value input from residents about failing infrastructure, whether through 311 or direct outreach.  Residents can also work directly with agency representatives on particular project ideas.

Once agencies have submitted their capital requests there is an extensive process of public hearings related to the development of the capital budget. The Planning Commission, Board of Estimates, and City Council votes all include opportunity for public comment. Stakeholders are encouraged to attend and participate in these hearings.




September 24, 2018

Ft. Worthington Elementary/Middle School

Public Information Session 
Click here to view the materials from this session

December 2018


Agency Project Requests due to Planning*

January 10 & 17, 2019

417 E. Fayette St., 8th Floor

Agencies brief Planning Commission 

February 21, 2019

417 E. Fayette St., 8th Floor

Planning Commission Work Session

March 7, 2019

417 E. Fayette St., 8th Floor

Planning Commission Vote

March 25, 2019

200 Holliday St., (Abel Wolman Building)

Board of Finance Vote

April 2019 (TBD)

101 N. Gay St. (War Memorial Building)

BOE Taxpayer Night

May 2019 (TBD)

City Hall, 2nd Floor (Board of Estimates Room)

Board of Estimates Vote

June 2019 (TBD)

City Hall, Council Chambers

City Council Budget Hearings and Vote

Exact times for voting sessions will be updated as they become available. Sign up for the Planning Commission listserv here to get email updates with official Planning Commission agendas.

*Reports with agency requests will be made available in December 2018. Other resources, including agency presentations and questionnaires, will be made available throughout the process. Check our Reports and Resources page for updated reports and other resources as the Capital Improvement Program planning process moves forward.

More Information

We welcome the opportunity to come speak to your organization or community group about the capital budget.  Please get in touch with [email protected] to schedule a time for a presentation and discussion on the CIP.

You can also review all of our reports and other resources from previous years’ Capital Improvement Programs on the Reports and Resources tab.