Food Policy Action Coalition

About Food PAC

Established in 2010, Food PAC members work actively to improve food access and the food system. Food PAC has grown from 18 to over 60 members, representing nonprofits, universities, farms, businesses, hospitals, and residents. Facilitated by the Baltimore Food Policy Initiative, Food PAC provides opportunities for collaboration and idea sharing around food-related organizations in Baltimore. Members are invested in issues ranging from food policy, food justice, childhood hunger, food access, nutrition, obesity, food retail, and research in food systems. Meetings are held quaterly and allow members to share updates, learn from presentations, and converse in breakout sessions so they are better equipped for their food systems work.

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Food PAC Goals

Goal 1: Food PAC members identify and inform the Baltimore Food Policy Initiative (BFPI) of food policy barriers in order to collectively address the policy issues from an organizational, city, state, or federal level.

Goal 2: BFPI informs Food PAC members on city, state, and federal policy implications that impact the food environment of Baltimore City.

Goal 3: Food PAC members collaborate to increase knowledge and to break down silos in order to be more effective in addressing food access and local food systems.

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Next meeting: January 23, 2024 3:00 - 4:30pm

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