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The Baltimore Casino Local Development Council ("LDC") is the body appointed by the Mayor to advise the City on developing the multi-year and annual spending plans for Casino Local Impact Funds (CLIF) that accrue to Baltimore as a tax on revenues from electronic slot machines, or “video lottery terminals” at casinos in Maryland for the benefit of communities in “immediate proximity” to the casino in South Baltimore. The generic term that Maryland uses for this tax is "Local Impact Grant" funds. 

As is required by Maryland State Code § 9-1A-31, “prior to the expenditure of Local Impact Grant funds,” the City “shall develop, in consultation with the Local Development Council, a multiyear plan for the expenditure of the Local Impact Grant funds for services and improvements.” The City “shall submit the plan to the Local Development Council for review and comment before adopting the plan or expending any grant funds.” In 2015, the City created and adopted the South Baltimore Gateway Master Plan as the guiding document for future expenditure of Local Impact Grant funds.

“The local development council shall advise the county or municipality on the impact of the facility on the communities and the needs and priorities of the communities in immediate proximity to the facility.” The Local Development Council “shall have 45 days to review, comment, and make recommendations on the plan. The City shall make best efforts to accommodate the recommendations of the Local Development Council before adopting the plan.”

In 2016 the State of Maryland and Mayor and City Council of Baltimore created the South Baltimore Casino Impact District Management Authority, which operates under the name South Baltimore Gateway Partnership, or SBGP. Since 2017, the State directs one half or fifty percent of LIG funds dedicated for South Baltimore (an amount equal to the allocation for the City of Baltimore) to the South Baltimore Gateway Partnership, which is overseen by an independent Board of Directors. The Mayor and City Council President are each allowed to appoint two representatives to SBGP’s Board of Directors. South Baltimore Gateway Partnership submits its annual spending plan and quarterly updates to the Baltimore City Board of Estimates.

Local Development Council Composition

Per Maryland State Code § 9-1A-31, the composition of the Local Development Council is as follows:

∙ One (1) one Senator who represents the district (46th) where the facility is located or the Senator’s designee;
∙ Two (2) Delegates who represent the districts (46th and 40th) where the communities surrounding the facility are located or the Delegates’ designees;
∙ One (1) representative of the video lottery operation licensee (i.e., the casino located in South Baltimore);
∙ Seven (7) residents of the communities in immediate proximity;
∙ Four (4) representatives of businesses or institutions located in immediate proximity to the facility.

Local Development Council Member Terms

Local Development Council members are appointed or confirmed by the Mayor for terms of one (1) year, that start with the calendar year. Members may serve up to six (6) one-year consecutive terms.

Current Local Development Council Members

Role Name Representation Organization Position/Title
Chair Sen. Bill Ferguson Senator (46th Dist.)  Maryland State Senate President
Vice-Chair Phylicia Porter Resident Baltimore City Council Councilmember (10th Dist.)
Member Del. Luke Clippinger Delegate (46th Dist.) Maryland House of Delegates Delegate
Member Del. Melissa Wells Delegate (40th Dist.) Maryland House of Delegates Delegate
Member Randy Conroy Casino Representative Horseshoe Casino Baltimore General Manager
Member James Alston Resident Westport Neighborhood Association Board Member
Member Sandra Brennan Resident Citizens of Pigtown Community Assoc. Board Member
Member Peggy Jackson-Jobe Resident Cherry Hill Community Coalition Board Chair
Member Michael Murphy Resident South Baltimore Neighborhood Assoc. President
Member Willie Pack, Sr. Resident Cherry Hill Community Clergy Coalition Board Member
Member Paula Smith-Benson Resident Sharp-Leadenhall Resident
Member Alexandria Adams Business / Institution Elev8 Baltimore Executive Director
Member Mark Foster Business / Institution Second Chance CEO
Member Jill Donaldson Business / Institution MedStar Harbor Hospital President
Member Vacant Business / Institution Vacant Vacant


For questions about the Baltimore Casino Local Development Council, contact:

Chris Firehock

Community Development Grants Specialist