CLIF Spending Plans and Quarterly Reports

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Casino Local Impact Funds (CLIF) Program

Baltimore Casino Local Development Council (LDC)

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Casino Local Impact Fund (CLIF) Spending Plans

As is required by Maryland State Code § 9-1A-31, CLIF resources are allocated in consultation with the Local Development Council (LDC), an advisory group appointed by the Mayor to provide community input on how these funds are allocated in South Baltimore.

The CLIF Program is administered by the Baltimore City Department of Planning. Annual Spending Plans are developed with the nine Master Plan goals as a foundation, and in consultation with City Agencies, LDC members, community partners, and neighborhood associations. 

FY24 Spending Plan

FY23 Spending Plan

FY22 Spending Plan

FY21 Spending Plan

FY20 Spending Plan

FY19 Spending Plan

FY18 Spending Plan

FY17 Spending Plan

FY15 and FY16 Spending Plan

CLIF Quarterly Reports

In process- forthcoming Fall 2023