Baltimore Green Network

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The Baltimore Green Network Plan is a collective vision to strengthen communities by creating an interconnected network of green spaces throughout the City. The planning process has brought together Baltimore City agencies, residents, neighborhood partners, and local businesses to transform vacant properties into community assets such as recreation areas, parks, trails, public squares, urban gardens, and farms. By targeting resources towards areas of underinvestment, the Plan will help create new safe and healthy spaces, while supporting economic and workforce development. 

In addition, the vision includes a plan to connect the City’s existing parks, water bodies, and natural areas with paths for walkers, joggers, and bicyclists. These paths will form a network that will provide residents better access to Baltimore’s park amenities, while also providing a new recreational and non-vehicular transportation network. The Baltimore Green Network Plan also directly supports the goals and strategies of the Baltimore Sustainability Plan.

The Department of Planning and Office of Sustainability is a multi-disciplinary team that works with partners such as Rails to Trails, Civic Works, Biohabitats, and other local community and regional organizations.  Following the lead of residents, these partners are using their knowledge of environmental planning, park, and open space planning, pedestrian and bicycle planning, land use and real estate analysis, and social equity to create and strengthen Baltimore’s Green Network.

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