Clean Corps Program

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Clean Corps

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A new (2023) component of the Green Network initiaitve is Clean Corps -- a pilot program that uses funds from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) of 2021 to involve community residents in maintaining vacant lots and open space in their neighborhoods. Since the program’s launch in February 2023, these resources helped address the backlog of 311-service requests that emerged during the COVID emergency. Neighborhoods were chosen based on three factors: (1) population decline of 15% or more between 2010-20, (2) a high frequency of 311 service requests for maintenance, and (3) median incomes in the lowest quartile citywide.  

Clean Corps connects Baltimore-based nonprofits with neighborhood groups and residents to clean and maintain community-selected vacant lots, alleys, and public trash cans.  These non-profit partners have hired and trained unemployed and under-employed individuals, often from the neighborhoods in which they are working. The City is exploring ways to continue the program beyond January 2025, when the initial ARPA-funded pilot ends, and to expand the number of neighborhoods served.   

The public can follow the progress online via the Clean Corps Service Dashboard (see link). [This dashboard does not appear to work -- link only takes user to Programs >> Clean Corps home page]