Surplus Schools

As part of the 21st Century Schools Initiative Memorandum of Understanding, Baltimore City Schools are required to surplus 26 school buildings.  The properties are all owned by the Mayor and City Council and will be surplused to the City to determine re-use of each site.  The City is conducting engagement with stakeholders to explore opportunities for re-use, including community desires and concerns.  Re-use opportunities include City agency and other government use, private re-use of the building (sale or lease), temporary uses, shared uses, and demolition (open space or clearance for new construction). 

Profiles of potential uses, such as market rate housing, affordable housing, charter schools, community center, and office space, are available to help inform the discussion.  The purpose of stakeholder engagement is for the City (and any potential future users of the facilities) to understand community desires and concerns.   For a reuse to come to fruition, an appropriate organization must have both the interest and capacity to improve the building and operate the facility.

Surplus Schools

Samuel F.B. Morse

Expression of Interest

If you are interested in redeveloping a surplus school, please let us know!  We would welcome your expressions of interest.  Sharing information about your interest in the property as early as possible will help us determine the appropriate next steps and timing for each property and help keep you informed about opportunities to purchase or lease one of the properties as they arise.

Questions, Comments & Additional Information

Please email the Planning Department at [email protected] with your questions or suggestions regarding the re-use of surplus school properties.