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Whole Block Strategy

Clean Corps has focused on cleaning and mowing vacant lots, cleaning alleys, and cleaning and emptying public trash cans for most of 2023. In support of doing the most thorough job possible, we are shifting to a ‘Whole Block Strategy’ in select Clean Corps neighborhoods that includes the cleaning the back alley, vacant lots, sidewalks, unmaintained street tree pits, and public trash cans. 


Tree Pit Maintenance

Tree are important to all of our communities.  Studies show that trees help clean air, provide shade, and reduce temperatures around them during the summer. Studies have shown that trees can help to reduce crime and clean the air around them.  But a key to keeping street trees alive is to make sure that the tree pits are clean.

Clean Corps would like to clean the tree pit in front of your building.   This includes removing all of the trash, weeds and rocks within your tree pit.  If you have planted flowers or bulbs in your tree pit and/or do not want anyone to clean the tree pit in front of your building, please contact the Clean Corps Program at or call 410-396-2929.


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