Designation Process

Baltimore’s designated Sustainable Community area is be based upon the Baltimore City Sustainable Action Plan that assesses baseline conditions (e.g., physical assets, coordination of investment, economic conditions), a five-year strategy, and includes a city-wide resolution.  The Action Plan is intended to serve as a multi-year framework for investment and coordination of public, private and non-profit investments that seek to revitalize the Sustainable Community areas. 

As part of the application process, the Department of Planning formed a Workgroup to guide the development of the Action Plan and to oversee its implementation. The Work Group, which included members representing City Agencies, nonprofit organizations, and foundations, has met regularly to develop the Sustainable Communities’ vision and strategies to achieve it.  The group also identified programs, policies and initiatives that can be implemented as part of the Action Plan. 

The City’s overall Sustainable Communities goals are:

  • Enhance the City’s economic competitiveness, inclusiveness and workforce development;
  • Build upon existing strengths, assets and amenities;
  • Support transportation efficiency and access;
  • Promote access to affordable housing; and
  • Leverage and coordinate policies and investments

To achieve these goals, the Baltimore SC Workgroup identified the following six targeted strategies:

  1. Support Main Streets and commercial areas by targeting investments in Middle Market Neighborhoods
  2. Target investments in Healthy Neighborhood areas
  3. Target investments along major transit routes
  4. Target investments in arts and entertainment districts
  5. Invest in areas surrounding anchor institutions and major redevelopment areas
  6. Facilitate investments in emerging markets near areas of strength