TOD Locations


State Center

Transit-oriented development around the State Center office complex is a great opportunity for Baltimore. The area has Metro, Light Rail, Bus, and Regional Rail Service, all of which could serve as a real asset for surrounding communities. State Center is now a divider, rather than a bridge between Bolton Hill, Upton, and Mt. Vernon. A strategy process, which includes a development team, is already in place to craft a collaborative plan for the redevelopment of State Center, known as CityScaping. For more detailed information, visit the State Center website.

West Baltimore MARC Station

West Baltimore, once a very established and flourishing neighborhood, has been negatively impacted in the late 60s by Federal and Local highway plans and policies. Today, there is a revitalization movement in the community that focuses on opportunities brought about by the MARC station, as well as the proposed Red Line rail project and other transit, land-use and economic development. After a series of meetings and workshops in October 2005, residents, businesses, churches, schools, nonprofit organizations, and state and local government came together to form West Baltimore Coalition (WBC) to develop a common vision for redevelopment around the MARC station.

Reistertown Plaza And Rogers Avenue

These two sites are ideal candidates to serve as TOD centers, offering the potential for high-density development with a mix of land uses, including mixed-income residential, office, and retail. The Urban Renewal Plans (URP) provide detailed information on the Reisterstown Plaza Transit Station and Rogers Avenue Transit Station.

Morgan State University: Projected Green Line Station Area

The Planning Department and Morgan State University are in the very preliminary stages of discussing transit-oriented development in response to the rail plan’s suggestion that the Metro line be extended in this direction. The viability of this project is supported by the strong ridership estimates for transit in the northeast corridor. The Morgan State University stop holds out the particular advantage of promoting better linkages among Baltimore’s institutions of research and higher learning, which is crucial for the City’s economic development. (MTA green line).

Westport Mount Winans Lakeland Master Plan

The master plan for the Westport, Mount Winans, and Lakeland neighborhoods focuses revitalization strategies on existing neighborhood assets, including the Westport light rail station. Implementation of this plan will help solidify a diverse, mixed-income community of residences and businesses. Take a look at Westport-Mount Winans-Lakeland Master Plan.