Pimlico Community Development Authority

The Pimlico Community Development Authority (PCDA) is an advisory group established by State legislation to provide community input on how slots funding is allocated in the Pimlico area. Slots revenue, in the form of Local Impact Aid, is available from the state for jurisdictions that have casino facilities. Through an annual spending plan, Local Impact Aid (slots funding) is available primarily for capital purposes benefitting economic and community development. The funding is designated for the Park Heights Master Plan area and the surrounding neighborhoods (1 mile radius: Northwest Community Planning Forum SNAP, Liberty-Wabash area, and Coldspring Newton). Sign up to stay informed about PCDA.​​​​​​

About the Pimlico Community Development Authority

PCDA serves an advisory role in determining priorities regarding the spending plan for Local Impact Aid funding. PCDA has the responsibility to advise the Mayor on priorities and the final funding decisions are part of the City budget approval by the Mayor and City Council. Video Lottery Terminals (slots) legislation gives PCDA the authority to serve as advisors. PCDA’s original purpose was to allocate Racetrack Impact Funds.

PCDA is an “Authority” and it currently has no formal designation. The organization is not a non-profit organization (501c3) and does not have employees.

Once the spending plan is finalized, video lottery terminal Local Impact Aid revenues are appropriated to the City agency designated to implement a project or to an appropriate agency to administer a grant or contract with a community partner.

Legislative History

Additional Background

For questions or more information, please email the Pimlico Community Development Authority (PCDA).

Local Impact Aid Funds

In 2007, the State legislature passed the Maryland Education Trust Fund – Video Lottery Terminals legislation (2007 SB 3), which provides slots revenue funding in the form of Local Impact Aid to jurisdictions that have casino facilities. The legislation also provides that a portion of the impact aid is directed to the area around the Pimlico Race Track. The current statute provides funds to the Pimlico Area for 20 years, through fiscal year 2032.

Of the funds that are available for the Pimlico area, 85% must be allocated for the Park Heights Master Plan area, and the remaining 15% is allocated for neighborhoods around the Park Heights Master Plan area, also known at the One-Mile Radius (see map below). 

Map shows Park Heights and One Mile Radius neighborhoods