Community-based Projects

The Department of Planning (DOP) funds a community-selected priority project in each INSPIRE area. The projects identified in the INSPIRE planning process often create or improve places for residents to play, socialize, and participate in activities. DOP partners with residents, neighborhood organizations, City agencies, Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts (BOPA), and other non-profit organizations to achieve these projects. 

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Information regarding these community-selected priority projects will continue to update below, as development progresses.

German Park in Reservior HillDorothy I. Height -
German Park Improvements
Joseph E Lee Park aerialPatterson Building
Garden & Lighting
Lights at Skate Park of BaltimoreRobert Poole Building
Lights at Skate Park of Baltimore, Roosevelt Park
Fordney LaneForest Park + Calvin Rodwell
Pedestrian Alley
Seabury Path in Cherry HillArundel + Cherry Hill
Accessible Walking Path
Farring Baybrook PathBay Brook
Farring Baybrook Trail

Arlington GardenArlington

Gelston Garden in Rognell HeightsLyndhurst 
Veteran Memorial Garden
Berea - Installed Garden Beds
Fort Worthington
School/Community Garden

Pimlico TrianglePimlico
Community Space
Frederick Area signs
Community Signs
Umbra Street Park
John Ruhrah
 Umbra Street Park, To Be Determined