Fordney Lane Pedestrian Alley

Forest Park - Fordney Lane at Chatham Rd Forest Park - Fordney Lane at School steps


During the Forest Park and Calvin Rodwell INSPIRE planning process, the community decided that enhancing the pedestrian alley on 3600-block of Fordney Lane was a top priority. The 3600-block of Fordney Lane is a pedestrian alley between Eldorado Avenue and Hicks Avenue that connects Liberty Heights Avenue and the southern end of the Forest Park High School campus along Chatham Road. The pedestrian alley leads to a set of steps remaining from the original 1924 school building. The modernized Forest Park High School includes a new walking path that connects Chatham Road on the south side of the campus to the modernized school building.  Currently, most students do not use the 3600-block of Fordney Lane to get to school due to its very poor condition. The sidewalk is broken, tree limbs hang down into the walking path, and there is no pedestrian-level lighting making the alley very unwelcoming at night.

Since the adoption of the Forest Park and Calvin Rodwell INSPIRE Plan, the Department of Planning and the Department of Transportation have been working hard to create designs and a scope of work which will include new sidewalks, pedestrian lighting, tree trimming, and new decorative bollards.


Forest Park - Fordney Lane at Liberty Hght Ave Forest Park - Fordney Lane toward Liberty Hghts