The INSPIRE program was created based on the principles that stronger schools lead to stronger neighborhoods, and stronger neighborhoods lead to stronger schools.

Millions of dollars of investment in schools can trigger additional investment in the surrounding neighborhood. The INSPIRE plans will build from the community’s vision and help guide this investment. At the same time, a safe and stable neighborhood is fundamental for providing students and families with a healthy living environment, where children are more likely to attend school and have better outcomes. The INSPIRE plans will include recommendations for how to improve the surrounding neighborhood environment and improve quality of life for students, their families, and all neighborhood residents.

By focusing on a limited geographic area, INSPIRE plans will be able to include recommendations for specific, implementable public investments to the surrounding neighborhood. The plans will identify short- and long-term recommendations. Short-term recommendations are public improvements that can be made by the opening day of each school. Special attention is paid to physical improvements and maintenance to the perimeter of the school site and to the primary routes leading to the school. Long-term recommendations articulate the community’s vision and further address environmental, social, and economic conditions.

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Download a PDF icon two-page information sheet about INSPIRE. 

More information on PDF icon streetscape improvements at primary walking routes to the school.

The Schools

The Department of Planning will create INSPIRE plans for neighborhoods surrounding each of the 23-28 school buildings being modernized through the 21st Century Schools Initiative. 

View the map, or visit the 21st Century Schools website for more information.