Highlandtown EMS #237

To participate in the Highlandtown Elementary/Middle School #237 INSPIRE planning process, contact Eli Pousson at (410) 396-5173 or eli.pousson@baltimorecity.gov or Matthew DeSantis (Outer Southeastern District Planner) at matthew.desantis@baltimorecity.gov or 410-396-5622.

Oblique aerial view of a street map of the area around Highlandtown EMS 237. Colored circles mark a five-minute and ten-minute walking distance from the school and colored icons mark the locations of other area schools, parks, libraries and playgrounds.

Plan updates

The Department of Planning (DOP) is working with members of the school and neighborhood to better understand their neighborhood experiences, priorities, and concerns. Sign up for occasional updates on the INSPIRE planning process.

Completed activities

The Primary Walking Route for Highlandtown EMS # 237 was identified in February 2022 with improvements to area crosswalks underway as of August 2022 and new tree plantings expected to start around October 2022.

Upcoming activities

DOP staff attending school and community meetings and events to begin gathering input and hear ideas about a community project. We expect to begin organizing INSPIRE workshops in January 2023 following the opening of the new school building. Learn more about the status of the school renovations from 21st Century Schools Baltimore.

Plan materials