Bay Brook Elementary-Middle School

To find out more about the Bay Brook INSPIRE Plan, contact Jennifer Leonard: (410) 396-5173/ [email protected]  or Brent Flickinger: (410) 396-5936/ [email protected]

The Bay Brook Elementary/Middle School INSPIRE plan was adopted by the Planning Commission on June 20, 2019. Thank you to everyone involved.

PDF icon Download the adopted INSPIRE plan.

DOP staff looks forward to continuing to work with community members and other stakeholders to implement the plan. 

INSPIRE Community-Selected Project:

With bond funding, DOP will work with Baltimore City Recreation and Parks staff, residents, and others to turn an overgrown, poorly maintained path in the Farring Baybrook Park "woods" into a safe walking route. Work on the path kicked off on June 23, 2019, thanks to The Mission Continues and veterans from around the country. PDF icon View a flier with project details. Ver Detalles del Proyecto.

Find out where Bay Brook is in the 21st Century Schools process here .

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Listen Phase

The “Listen” phase of INSPIRE is focused on gathering information. In addition to working with community members, DOP staff begin to review existing neighborhood plans and history, and collect demographic data.

Create Phase
Prior to completing the Plan, the Department of Planning presented a Draft Recommendations Report to stakeholders.