Forest Park High School + Calvin Rodwell Elementary/Middle School


The Planning Commission adopted the Forest Park High School and Calvin M. Rodwell Elementary School INSPIRE Plan on February 1, 2018. Download the plan here. 

Between March 2016 and October 2017, the Department of Planning staff worked with members of the school and neighborhood communities to better understand their neighborhood experiences, concerns, and needs. Through community workshops, meetings, and surveys, stakeholders helped inform the plan.

Thanks to the collective efforts of community members, the Fordney Lane Pedestrian Alley enhancement was selected as the INSPIRE area community project. See the pedestrian alley concept designs here

To learn more about the plan and how you can be involved in helping implement it, contact Jaffa Weiss: (410) 396-5937 or or Chad Hayes: (410) 396-3958 or

(updated 2/19/2019)

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Maps and Data

Community Information

Neighborhood Context

Community Project: Fordney Lane Pedestrian Alley

Listen Phase

The “Listen” phase of INSPIRE work is focused on gathering information. In addition to reaching out to community members, Planning staff begin to review existing neighborhood plans and history, and collect demographic data.