Each INSPIRE planning process begins once the Board of School Commissioners has formally approved the feasibility study that depicts the preferred school design option. The INSPIRE plans focus on the neighborhoods immediately surrounding each of the schools that are part of the 21st Century Initiative. In some cases, these schools are in very close proximity, and a single plan will include multiple school areas.

Explore our interactive map of INSPIRE Planning Areas or use the following table to find more information about each plan.

Adopted Plans
Plans in Progress
Bay Brook E/MS John Ruhrah E/MS
Arlington ES REACH! Partnership + Harford Heights Building
Patterson HS Govans ES
Forest Park HS + Calvin Rodwell ES Billie Holiday ES +Katherine Johnson Global Academy
Pimlico E/MS Robert W. Coleman ES
Robert Poole/ACCE and Independence Medfield Heights ES
Arundel ES+ Cherry Hill E/MS Northwood ES
Lyndhurst E/MS Montebello E/MS
Dorothy I. Height E/MS Highlandtown E/MS #237
Frederick ES Walter P. Carter E/MS
Fort Worthington E/MS Cross Country E/MS
Mary E. Rodman ES Commodore John Rodgers E/MS