Arlington Elementary School


Where we are today and next steps

The Arlington Elementary School INSPIRE Plan was adopted by the Planning Commission on Thursday, October 18 at 5pm. Please follow this link to view the Final INSPIRE Plan for Arlington Elementary.  If you have any questions please contact Jaffa Weiss: (410) 396-5937 or or Mikah Zaslow: (410) 396-2929 or

Additionally, the Arlington INSPIRE Community Project-The Arlington INSPIRE Community Garden- has entered into a grant agreement with Civic Works to build the garden and community open space.  See below for a concept rendering of the design (provided by the Neighborhood Design Center through input from the community).  Please see a link to the INSPIRE community project page for project updates.

This page provides information and links to documents from the planning process to date.

  • Maps and Data
  • Listen – Kickoff Workshop Presentation; Stakeholder Survey

Find out where Arlington is in the 21st Century Schools process here.

Maps and Data

Community Information

Neighborhood Context

Community Project: Arlington INSPIRE Community Garden

 Listen Phase

The “Listen” phase of INSPIRE work is focused on gathering information. In addition to reaching out to community members, Planning staff begin to review existing neighborhood plans and history, and collect demographic data.